Announcement - TheElectricalGuru.Com

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to announce that Mike Whitt whom you all know from helping on this board has been promoted to - Head " GURU " Moderator on the website.

He has been working with me answering electrical questions for nearly a year now…and I am always impressed with his Knowledge, Ability and Attention to caring about giving SOLID electrical education to others…

Over the next year Mike will HEAD the forum, help it grow and know that we are there to answer those tough electrical questions. If we dont know the answers you can trust we will GET the answers when it comes to the National Electrical Code.

Thanks Mike for all you do fella.........I am blessed to have you helping out.

Good for you Mike!!

I try to get there and help as much as I can. I’d like to see the traffic pick up a bit.
Anything I can do to help I will.

Well Paul has made me blush but I will do my best to stand up to the chore.

Pete I can always use help and even though we disagree sometimes it is through disagreements that we all learn.
I do respect you thoughts and have learned much from you as well as Paul whom I shall start calling Mike Jr. if he isn’t careful.
No I am not referring to myself with the Mike.

It would please me to see some of the members here stop by Paul’s site for a short chat if about nothing else we can talk about Paul.

lol…it aint MY site anymore…lol…you have the POWER i just push the keys…lol

lol…Mike Jr…lol…not in my wildest dreams will I know what that man knows…lol

In regards to debate…Debate Brings Knowledge…Many Views brings POWER !!!