Announcing the "InterNACHI 4 Point O Charity"

"InterNACHI 4 Point 0 Charity" (The Smartest Charity in Florida)

        Thanks (As always) to Nick Gromicko, who has loaned the  charity the funds needed to have the legal papers put together to create  the 501(3)(c) status required to solicit tax exempt donations.  We are  hopeful that this will be completed by May 1.
[size=4] [size=3] [/size]      Have  you ever performed a 4 Point Inspection where you just knew that the  home owner was going to struggle to upgrade their home as required to  keep their insurance?  Some can hardly afford the inspection itself.   What a dilemma...we always want to help them out! [/size] 
        If  you run across someone in need, this charity will help lessen the pain.   It will help pay for inspections, and we will offer 0% loans and/or  help pay for the needed upgrades.  If there is money left over at the  end of the year, we will spend it on Christmas gifts (bicycles, toys,  etc) for those on the list we have created throughout the year. 
       Already  Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Contractors and Roofers have shown an  interest in being involved, let alone Home Inspectors and Insurance  agents.
    Are you  interested in being involved in this charity?  We are looking  for people to step up and help get it off the ground.  Do you know of someone with experience in running a charity?  We could use their help! The same goes for planning Charity events.

What a super idea and program, count me in if you like.

I’m in!
I consider myself extremely charitable, I make a donate of a $1 for each inspection (type) my company makes to a different charity each month.
This month I’m donating to Shake a Leg

Sounds like a great idea! Let me know how we can help.

I’m would like to help. I have done free inspections for 5 years for the hardship cases. I have run United Way fund raisers, JDRF, Autism Speaks, Breast Cancer.

In Miami-Dade and Broward, I can give a hands on with plumbing and general maintenance rprs.

I will look into what application can be completed to try and get United Way funding. Also, let’s get this charity’s intent to the media asap.

It must be transparent, and show the administrative, PR and advertisement costs as what % of the annual budget is spend on these fees vs going to help those in need.

Under the umbrella of NACHI this could also help the members as a group that cares.

The name needs work and a mission statement should be developed.
eg. INTERNACHI Insurance Relief Charity, …

Yes, smart thinking Nick. A Mission Statement would be a good idea.

April 1st, really!?

Your support is appreciated. One thing that would be helpful now would be some examples of how this Charity would be helpful.

This charity was created when a 4 point inspection was performed on the home of a 90 year old man who had owned his home forever. He had an old Federal Pacific electrical panel and Citizens was going to cancel his insurance. He stated that he really couldn’t afford the $1700 price quoted by a local electrician. Finally an another Electrical Contractor heard about the problem and did it at cost for $1200.

Do any of you have examples of specific cases where this charity would have been helpful?

Endless hardship stories, and so does any inspector that has been doing inspections for a few yrs

We ask contractors to give people a deal all the time, if they are in need. I have even had them do it for free.

When I was doing mits the agents knew I would accept hardship cases (sliding fee, some are too proud to accept charity) and some would be free. It was bothersome when I’d go to a home and the homeowner had a cleaning lady or a freshly painted driveway or a mercedes, etc…

The charity needs a criteria for people to gualify or the scammers will jump in and run a game, eg. w-2 statements, the recent lose of a spouse, sickness in the family, handicapped children, etc…

One of many stories, about 4 yrs back I got a call from a frantic lady claming it was an emergency that I go to her home. So I went and as I walked in the front door her husband was on a hospital bed in a coma with his mouth open awaiting death. The bible was next to him and she was terrifed that the insurance increase would put her and him on the street. Yes, this was a free one, but I got hugs and blessings which I’d take over money any day.

Sooo many more situations that have affected me; I could write a book. This charity is a wonderful idea.

I guess they are not all Evil Contractors :slight_smile:

Not the people I work with.