Announcing the InterNACHI Inspector Auction. First item up is....

I have $200 from Dan Curtin.

Can I get $210?



How long are you going to do this today?
How many items do you have?


I have $260 from Dan.

Can I get $270?


OH! I got the big $300 from Mark Raumikaitis!

Lookin’ for $310.

Mike Meeker asks:

Not like eBay. Like a real, live auction. Ends when I can’t get any more bidding for a while. It might not end today. I’ll warn you with a “Going once” post. Then a second warning with a “Going twice” post.

A bunch. I got tired of this forum being all about logo designs. LOL


Still lookin’ for $310.

Any price under $575.00 is WELL worth the price for the software…!!!

Dom’s 24/7 support is worth the $310.00 without the Software…:smiley:


I have $310 from Dan.

Do I hear $320?




I have $425 from Darren.

Do I hear $435?

I’ll go again at $160.00

Who wants to be a HIPPIE?