Annoying Phone call

Just got a call and a sales pitch to join ($280.00) HOME INSPECTOR ONE. The salesman identified himself as Jason Howell. He was pretty high pressure and when I wanted to ask a question he became irate because “this was his job and if I wasn’t sure about joining…blah, blah, blah” so I hung up! He didn’t even want to answer some of my questions. They say they are a “referral” type company. Anyone have any dealings with HOME INSPECTION ONE and if so, good or bad feedback. Was it worth the money or was it alot of B.S.???

Thanks in advance for your replies. Dave O.

Whoever he is he does not show up on Google.

Probably just another sales man looking to make a buck at your expense.

That guy is a jerk:D

Another marketing ploy that only makes money for thos guys and not the inspector in my opinion.

Got a call from the guys BOSS today at HOME INSPECTION ONE(came in on a RESTRICTED number) and wanted to know what “transpired” the other day when Jason called. Told him how rude the guy was, didn’t want to answer questions, pushed his service and when I balked at signing up, he got upset. I then told him I don’t care to do business with people like that and that I don’t really need their business. I also told him I posted everything that happened on the InterNACHI message board… he immediately and hurriedly said “OK…Buy”… click
Bruce Graham posted this link in his a reply… I think it’s the same guy from Home Inspection One and that goes back to 2003!!!

If he was any good, you would be calling him.

Not the other way around.

I get many calls from these type of guys, along with internet SEO companies, accountants, contractors, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Any “sales” calls, I just ask them the name, address and other info of the company. Then I inform them that this phone number is a Federal DO-NOT-CALL number and I will be forwarding on their information to the feds.

Stops them, every time :mrgreen:

I especially hate it when they call me on my cell phone number, because I (used to) pay for their sales call (untill I got unlimited incoming calls, free, through SPRINT). <— Please note: Shameless plug. :wink:

Forgot to add that I ask if they are calling for an appointment for a home inspection and go thru my spill with them…most of the time they hang up before I do…