Annual Inspection Program

Just starting out with Homegauge and my business. Just wondering, to those of you who offer an annual inspection program how much do you charge? I was thinking a percentage off of the base home inspection. Starting from scratch is a lot to think through…anybody willing to help me get everything sorted out would be much appreciated!

Hopefully others will contribute, but I would come up with a routine annual inspection (what it covers and what you are not going to inspect) and one price up to a certain square feet. I would think about an hour to hour and half.

We also have a feature in our HG Services that is a marketing email that you can set to go out to your customers and offer this service and others. Its called TRM or Time Release Messaging.

Thanks Russel,
Is there a list of items that the warranty covers so we could go based off of that. My initial inclination was to do a standard home inspection.
Also, looking forward to some good and much needed training in June!