Another 4-Point Question

It there a point where the overall filth of a residence will find its way onto a 4-Point Report?

I have seen underwriters kick it back because of too much debris in the in overview images.

Is there a spot for it on the form? :wink:

Yes - Additional comments/Observations. At what point would you consider the place to be uninhabiltable or propose a health risk.

How someone chooses to live is not my concern.

I don’t do stand alone four points and if these inspections are going to go even more in depth than a home inspection, it sounds like a great way to get sued. And from what I hear, it is already happening.

Just my opinion but have been there inspecting hoarders, squalor , the cat lady , and general nasty homes & people. Like Eric said it’s not our concern unless you see evidence of abuse of humans or animals and then you would have to drop a tip to the proper authority. These places can be annoying and the people who live there acting like it’s no big deal while your possibly fuming on the inside or trying to get the stink off yourself. Save yourself a lot of hassle and stick to the Four components.

The stink is unbearable to me and stays in my nose sometimes for hours. I once had a house I would not have went into because it was so bad. lucky for me no attic access for wind mit and it was crap and easy.

My thoughts go along with these too - I like to say that I am not the cleaning police - Just thought I’d see what other folks think.