Another $40,000 Live Safe Scholarship Fund Grant

Last month InterNACHI received a $40,000 grant from the Live Safe Foundation to help 100 InterNACHI members become NIFAST Certified to do residential fire safety inspections. The response was overwhelming. Over 1000 InterNACHI members applied for these scholarships.

[FONT=Arial]Because of this outpour, InterNACHI has arranged for another $40,000 grant to give 400 additional InterNACHI members partial scholarships from the Live Safe Foundation.  Applicants will receive a $100 scholarship to be applied to the $400 discounted price being offered by NIFAST.  With the scholarship InterNACHI members can become NIFAST certified for only $300.  Once certified, you will be able to participate in several strong programs designed to increase your business.[/FONT]

  [FONT=Arial]NIFAST has been working to develop the following programs that certified inspectors will be able to participate in:[/FONT]

  [FONT=Arial]-University/Greek Fire Safety Inspections[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]-Relocation Industry Fire Safety Inspections[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]-Realtor Outreach – Family Fire Safety Awareness Program[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]-Part Client – Outreach Programs[/FONT]

     [FONT=Arial]NIFAST has been developing programs over the last two years that will help InterNACH Inspectors gain additional business, as well as help raise the level of awareness and importance of fire safety in the community.  There are several exciting opportunities coming in 2010.  If you want to be one of the the 400 to receive a scholarship and participate in these exciting upcoming opportunities, please apply for your $100 scholarship today.  You can apply for your scholarship at []([/FONT][FONT=Arial]


It has been a few weeks since the first batch of folks received their certification from this vendor, has anyone received an inspection related to this endeavor?

Either through the vendor, or on their own?

Is anyone also certified by the NFPA doing any type of fire prevention inspections?

If so, is there any money in them worth pursuing?

Did you buy all of your supplies yet Dale??

I am still too busy doing Move In Certified inspections myself.

I am an ICC certified Fire Inspector and a NFPA member. I recently completed the NIFAST course. I have not had any increase in business. The last fire inspection I did was about 6 months ago for a Jehova Witness Church in East Mesa. They needed a fire inspection to get a certificate of occupancy from the county. They were on a county island.

I think there is money to be made in commercial and industrial mock OSHA audits that include life safety items. I have only done 6 of them so far be they pay well.

Dale and Brian please keep us up to date on any progress.


NIFAST was offering all INACHI members a $100 discount on the program price.
Is this discount joined with the new $100 grant to make the cost of the program $200??

Hi Larry,

Hate to break the bad news but we’re not doing well in either of the above aforementioned inspections…just one Repo after another—:stuck_out_tongue:

Pity there are more commercial buildings in bankruptcy court, vacant, repoed, or waiting to be repoed…I have never in my life seen so many commercial buildings for sale or lease, and there are no takers, some folks are down-sizing (very few), but not up-sizing.

I have talked to some of the best commercial real estate agents in AZ, they said they are eating Ramon Noodles and Emu Sandwiches—:shock:

Dale, ain’t them *MoveInCertified *Repo’s? Or is it MoveOutCertified?

I’ll have to run that by the listing agents, nice sign in the front yard.



Yes, I forgot to add my own emoticon to my previous request post…:p:p:p

Emu??? Is that Australian for big *** chicken??

No, you can not get it for $200. Without any discounts it is a $600. program, though internachi members get a 200 discount without the scholarship, add 100 scholarship and you have to pay 300. I’m glad I got the full scholarship.

How has that worked out for your bottom line?