Another ASTM meeting in attempt to rewrite our industry's SOP.

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What? NAHI having another convention in Conshohocken, PA???

NACHI, MICB and IAC2 will be there.

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From: Picariello, Pat
To: ; Mallory Anderson ; ; Rob Paterkiewicz ; ; ; Tom Knapp
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Subject: ASTM Meeting Date - Home Inspection Activity

To: Leadership of AHIA, ASHI, NACHI, & NAHI
From: Pat Picariello
Re: Date & Venue for Organizational Meeting
Greetings -

I hope the summer is treating you well. I wanted to inform you of the date & venue for the final organizational meeting for the home inspection standards activity - I’d like you to advise me of any potential conflict(s) with the date, as we would like to keep complications surrounding attendance to a minimum.

Meeting Date: Monday, September 24, 2007
Meeting Venue: ASTM International HQ, West Conshohocken, PA

Once the date is locked, I will send you formal meeting announcements/invitations. I would also like to ask your assistance in distributing the information to your collective memberships.

Thanks for your attention to this matter - I look forward to hearing back from you.

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We’ll be holding a BIG NACHI mini-convention next door the day before… fancy that!

Yes, but our mini convention will be bigger than their national convention! :smiley:

What a novel idea… :mrgreen:

And we could rent buses for members to come from all parts of the country. For those of us that can’t get into the meeting we could get a permit from the city to assemble a protest with all the appropriate signage and blitz the media.

Signs like:

“Don’t Re-invent the Wheel!”

“Home Inspection Standards are Not For Sale”

(You know that they sell all their standards)

“Inspectors Inspect, Laboratories Test”

“Maintain Your Fiscal Stability at Someone Else’s Expense”

“We Have High Standards, Who Needs ASTM”

“ASTM: Don’t Lower Our Standards”

I’m sure even more clever visual and sound bytes can be thought up.


I haven’t seen anything posted on the calander about this. Can you fill us in a little more? I’m only right down the road and wouldn’t mind attending.


See ya there.