Another citizens requirement

A 4 point and a roof cert…can this be so or is the agent mistaken.

thanx in advance

I would think a 4-point with life expectancy and 2 pics of the roof would work. I always include 2 roof pics in my mit photos just to cover that angle.

You never know so you just provide what you are asked for and charge accordingly.

Never give them anything after the fact for free.

Why not. I do them both together everyday.

I hate to charge for something that seems redundant just for the sake of adding some coin in my pocket…just seems unethical.

How on earth can you know what those fools are going to ask the client for. It is always different.

You are not the one making the decision and unless you are up selling the service you have NOTHING to feel unethical about.

Tom, Most of the time a four point will cover it… Occasionally we get agents who ask for both. I just transfer the data to the other form if it is asked for. I can’t in good conscience charge for something that is redundant either. Not my clients fault the underwriter can’t pick up information they need unless the form has a specific title.

I know that I get more business because the agents know I take care of my clients.

Just another reason why the insurance companies should be paying for these inspections. I personally think it would hurt my business if they did but I am just saying how it should be.

If you are going to make an investment in a property then you should be paying for the inspections you think are necessary.

The insurance companies are not doing the poor consumer a favor by insuring them they are making a investment that they hope will make them money.

Michelle and Tom,
While I agree with you both that the information on both forms is redundant and does not seem fair to the homeowner, I also look at it from a risk management perspective. Every time we, as business owners, generate a report with our signature, we accept liability and risk exposure. I personally, do not accept risk exposure for free. Anytime I sign my name or generate any report- even if redundant, I need to be compensated for my risk exposure. I would also guess that this policy may cost me business- but in the long run- it actually may save my company money. Again, this is just my policy- for what it is worth.

I agree with Steven,

You’re putting your license on the line every time you go out - That’s what you’re being paid for. Any form you sign is asking for your professional opinion. Like the mechanic says: “My bill is $5 for fixing that DooHickie by smacking it with a hammer, and $95 more for knowing where to smack.”

On the other hand, when they want a wind mit & Roof cert together (almost every time) I invoice for both, then write a $25 discount on the invoice for “bundling”, and everyone is happy. Customer saves money with their “discount” - agent is happy they referred me cause the customer is happy - I’m OK cause I made an excel book that automatically fills out ALL the forms (fourpoint, wind mit, and roof cert), an invoice, and a contract. All from a single top page. This saves a mountain of time. The attached is page one of two of the fill in form I made. Each form I need is then saved separate as a PDF.

Thanx Michelle…makes me feel better.

Called the agent and she says to do just the 4 point.

A little explanation goes a long way to a desk jockey.

As for the rest of you guys…shame…shame…shame

Your putting your risk on the line anyway for the 4 point…what’s the diff if you sign a redundent roof cert too. you already signed off on the roof… will the info change on a roof cert.

Hope the agent is correct.

Depends on who you talk to at Citizens and how they are feeling on that particular day!!

Since we can’t control any aspect of what the insurance company may demand I don’t think it is inappropriate to charge a fee for accepting these liabilities on theyr’e behalf.

Does anyone believe that the insurance companies legal representatives on retainer will fail to pursue inspectors that have falsified or in error due to negligence or a casual attitude inacurrately portrayed the actual conditions of a property which substains substantial damage? Get a grip on reality. Put this in the perspective Mr. Taylor so rightly points out.

Gonna be damn hard to “prove” squat against anyone.