another clip question

so it looks like an appropriate shim. and since the strap does not wrap over it is considered a clip on the form? After all the talk of not downgrading a wrap to a clip due to improper nailing, I just wanted to be sure.

I would say clip

I’d call it a clip because that is what the current definitions allow. The shim does not negatively impact the installation. But this is wrong, the actual uplift resistance of this installation undoubtably exceeds those of clips. At the point where the wind forces exert the pressures on structures that are going to pull that connection apart you could just throw the book away. None of it is going to matter. A lot of this is stupid. Get used to it. It isn’t going to change.

It is a clip (a NON wrap strap)

That’s what I said. I guess you don wanna weigh in on the logic end, I don’t blame you.:wink:

other: Clip with 18 nails


Nope 17 and 1/2.:twisted: two of them are only driven in 3/4 of the way.


Don’t be trying to get all logical with this stuff. :twisted:

Remember it is about statistics.

I gave up on logic a long time ago when it comes to this. I’m just having fun now.

I agree, other would be rejected… or at least it should be?

but approved upon further review by a panel of experts