Another clueless agent...

Just found this on YouTube and wanted to get some reactions from everyone:

I think this pretty much says it all…

"Adding comments has been disabled for this video."

Wow, I just went to her website:, emotional wreck!

I think she needs a big stiff one.

If you are talking about a drink, I think she’s had a few too many.

If you are talking about something else, I think you might be right. :mrgreen:

That was fun.

I get the impression that wouldn’t interest her.

One word…Prozac.


Can you do something about this women?

NAR should do something about her. Her site is 100% anti-REALTOR, but not so terribly anti-inspector.

Like the Budwiser commercial, she complains that some inspectors are too soft and some are too heavy. There probably are some inspectors who are too soft or too heavy. It’s not an unreasonable opinion.

She says that it doesn’t take much to get a home inspector’s license. Well, I agree. After attending all 4 Florida Stakeholder meetings and arguing that inspectors should have to complete at least 120 hours of education to get a license, Florida legislators drafted a glitch Bill yesterday, grandfathering inspectors who have completed a whopping 14 hours. :roll:

Her only real problem (not ours) is that she recommends that people do their own inspections. That is nuts… but don’t worry too much about her. The first time one of her clients has a problem with her house, they are going to sue her and point to that video as evidence that she failed to fulfill her fiduciary duty by selling them horrible advice. What she doesn’t “get” is that inspectors, like it or not, do the dirty job of protecting agents. Publicly recommending that her clients should not get a professional inspection (soft or heavy) removes all that protection she would have enjoyed and makes her personally liable for every undiscovered defect.

Despite her site’s domain name, she is not so “savvy”

That video has been there for a long time.


I would hate to do an inspection with her as the sellers agent:shock:.

Anyone else notice that the comments section for the video had been disabled? I have a feeling that she has already heard a lot. I did find out that a person can have a gut burn and laugh at the same time.

Clearly, she is clueless.

“A broker is familiar with their area, and I have lived in my area for my whole life”

Yet: She quotes deals in various states.

Clueless, and definately has issues.

What a wack job. She should run the country or something. Or may the senate.

Well I guess all of us should just close up shop. Once everyone subscribes to here blog, there will be no need for us anymore. Oh no, the sky is falling!!:mrgreen:

I have never read so many mean spirited, ugly, sexist remarks in my life. Didn’t any of you guys watch this video without a chip on your shoulder? Didn’t any of you guys stop for just a minute, shed your preconceived ideas and give this guy a break? He is just trying to inform his clients about issues that he sees regularly in his daily life.

Give the guy a break! ( What? You say what?! . . . . . Hmmmmm)

“Never mind!”

Okay, this lady has some serious issues that she needs to work out, and I think they may have something to do with detox and the 12 step program.