Another complaint about DOE/Inspection Depot's mentoring system.


I was contacted by Brent from IDEnergy and he gave me the rundown on their program. I have to say I am disappointed ion what he told me. First off, I was under the impression that once I became an Energy Assessor I would be free to work like I do as a state licensed inspector. I never dreamed I would keep paying someone else for as long as I do inspections. I was also under the impression from the DOE that I needed one mentored inspection, not five paid for! I did not understand that after the mentored assessment I would have to pay a company for every assessment I did. That sure sounds like a money maker for someone else. What are my options? I plan to write to the DOE to see what they recommend. I sure feel bamboozled here.

  • Michael Taylor

Welcome to Government agencies. It has been a weird program all along. I could never find a mentor. Lost my certification. Do more home inspections.

What is the solution/reason for this post?

Not sure the reason you reposted Tom’s message. How does this impact InterNachi’s Home Energy Audit Program?

When I get a private complaint about anything, I always ask the member if I can post it on the message board to help fellow members. If I get permission, I do.