Another Contest: Can anyone explain why it was particularly important to fuel-up?

Last night, before I dug this hole for two 1500-gallon septic tanks, I made sure I had plenty of fuel.

Can anyone guess why checking fuel level was so particularly important on this project?

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First one to guess correctly, wins.

Center of gravity to reach the bottom with the boom? WAG

Nope. Why, in this particular case, would it be disastrous to run out of fuel while in that hole?

No gas station in the area

You drove it to the site and that was your mode of transportation home


Hint: The doors on that machine open from the sides.

no way to refuel it

If you ran out of fuel in the hole you would not be to drive out of the hole to get out of the cab

Michael Bitterman wins.

The hole is only a few inches wider than the machine. Had I run out of fuel in the hole, I would not be able to open the doors to the cab and so would have been trapped inside.

Michael, email me at and we’ll build you a nice online video ad for your inspection business.


Nice job Michael :slight_smile:

I see an OSHA violation (unless that’s the company owner in the excavation). :wink:

It’s dangerous work. Never go into a trench that is taller than wide.

Thank you. I will email.

Question, who took the picture? Couldn’t they have gone for help if needed?

As an ex member of the Hoisting Engineers 101 / You make me proud to be an InterNACHI member

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