Another crawlspace VP question

I’m in Virginia and have inspected a home with a ventilated and dry crawlspace, but no vapor barrier. House was built in 1990. If the crawlspace is well ventilated and dry with no signs of any water damage, should I recommend a vapor barrier because that’s the current rule of thumb? My gut tells me to leave it alone.

Also, any idea what year vapor barriers in the crawl space became a rule?

Thanks, Bill

No idea what year, but it’s a good idea. I would recommend it as an upgrade and additional protection, this puts the choice and the liability on the client. When in doubt make sure you cover your own backside.

Great info here

Agree. Just because it’s dry today, doesn’t mean it will remain dry forever.

Thanks for the input. Good info here. Bill

What happens when water condenses on top of the plastic and now you have a wet space 6 months of the year?

If it’s working, don’t change it