Another FPE

This is the one where I don’t remove the cover. This style places the lugs of the SEC’s too close to contact with the dead front cover.

You can’t pull the cover straight off without tripping breakers, so I don’t even go there. . .

Jeff did you edit your narrative onsite or beforehand for this situation?

You got that right…I fought for an hour putting the last mess back together…never again!

At hockey tonite I spoke with one of the dads…we talked about FPE panels…believe it or not! He said his home inspector…the most well known inspector in my podunk town…found it in early 2000…and the seller’s were pissed…but they replaced it to get the house sold.

Also, we were talking about our crappy baseboard electric heat that we both have…he said that his thermostates were FPE…wait I’m gonna go check mine…mine aren’t…ever see those?

I was ready for this one - just checked the box. . .

Now you are really showing off. I trust you had plenty of time for dinner.:slight_smile:

That applies to most FPE Stab-Loks, Zinscos, and early Sylvanias in my area. My former property renovation business taught me not to mess with those three brands, and I have taken that personal experience to my home inspection business. We defer to licensed electricians for those three panels. In a certain demented sense (and we all know I’m demented), finding one of those three brands does make the drive-by inspections go much, much faster. Can you say Saleen S7.

And everybody wonders why I don’t like Stab Lok. Federal Pioneer is a finely engineered product.