Another HI Bill in Kansas

Found this just this morning while searching bills on the legislative site for the State of Kansas.

This is new HB2691. It has a 2010 date. It starts out as some financial statement requirement for Kansas boards, then goes on to state corrections from other home inspection board statues. I hope someone can decipher this for me. I am getting more confused as to what is really going on this year in the Kansas congress. You can also check out SB377, SB 324, and SB 329, all involved with the home inspection laws.

What is what? Just passed yesterday. Looks like the liability limit has been changed, and some other wording. You can go to, click on government, click then on general legislative resources, and key in the bill numbers under “track these bills”. SB 577 is the radon bill. Here is the link:

HB 2691 was voted on in the Senate on March 23 and passed with a 40-0 vote. The house on March 30 voted 25 yes, 97 no. Bill is now back to committee. Changes to HB 2260 have yet to be approved. Kansas congress will not reconvene until April 28. Now what?

You still have a nonenforceable HI law.