Another HI search engine

Just got an email requesting that I join this home inspector search engine for a one-time fee of $60.00.

They don’t even show up on Google SE and the site is not even cached, so where does $60.00 get you?

Gary Dean from Maine is the owner…Good Luck, Gary.

Another special interest group trying to make money. Heck, ASHI is the only orginization listed on the resources page; pay $60 to be a part of it.

I got the same, I could not find any inspectors listed

Yep… same here!

Someone hacking NACHI user ID’s.

I would reply to their inquiry and offer to “let them” list your company, for free!
In order to make there are program successful, they need some listings to make it a viable product.

I get calls every week from companies wanting to list me in their database (free), just to get things started.

If you go to their website (down in the signature block) there are nothing but appraisers listed.

They say they are marketing and have an optimized website (which we can’t seem to find on search engines)?

I just entered various states with “No Results Found”.

Is anyone gonna cough up the $60 bucks to be the only listed HI?

just click on the search button only and you get 5 or 6 returns, does not say much, but then again it may say it all:D

I got it too.

The domain is only two weeks old. Owner is some guy named Gary Dean in ME.

Here’s a link referencing our new HI entrpreneur

He appears to be exactly what you would expect.

Nice find Chuck.

I had a feeling that this site would some sort of scam. That’s why started this thread.

I get a few emails from “directories” each month.

I send them the Alexa comparison between my site and theirs. I offer them a good deal to “list” them on my site. :slight_smile: