Another homeowner lied to, ripped off by 2 interior system companies

First interior drainage system company does NOT find/identify/determine the homeowners ACTUAL problems and as usual, just sells and installs the dumb az system… still leaks.

Then Ameridry supposedly comes to the rescue, does this video lolololololl and, installs another interior system!!! Morons.

9:05, their outside, exterior waterproofing!!! looooooooooooollllll
They dug 12"-18" deep. What a crock. Real heroes my az. looool

So Ameridry ‘double-dips’ this homeowner, installs a TOTALLY UNNECESSARY interior system when they SHOULD have dug down to footing, waterproofed and backfilled correctly, that’s all that this homeowner(and many more), needed!
‘Don’t get stung’, huh.

Homeowner got ROASTED, twice!

The Knickerbockers, Lies