Another injection of poured foundation wall crack, leaks

some say they’ve never seen any injected poured wall cracks leak, well, there’s another and I’ve seen many leak hmmm.
builder and others who do these injections imo are taking the CHEAP, WEAK and LAZY azz approach… there’s basically very little in material costs and no labor involved with these injections, THAT’s why they do 'em. The interior system chumps make a decent buck for pretty much doing nothing!

And of course all the builder wants to do is… to make it appear they made an effort to repairing the sob and try and eek their way to the supposed 5 or 10 year warranty, pffft.

Home inspectors will call out a half azz’d roof job or stucco job etc etc but NOT a half azz’d waterproofing job?
WHO tell ya injections are the best repair, the best solution? Yeah uh huh.

–Applications and limitations, “Epoxy injections have been successfully used in the repair of cracks in buildings etc… However, unless the crack is DORMANT (or the CAUSE of the cracking is REMOVED thereby making the crack dormant), it will probably recur…”