Another InterNACHI book option to give to your clients.

Pricier than our other book, but this one is full color:

Well worth the money. I noticed I wouldn’t need to explain to a client for 30 minutes about Post Tension Concrete, they can see pictures and read exactly what it is themselves when I hand them the book before the inspection begins.
“John, Joe, Jane, you have a Post Tension Concrete Foundation, here, please look at this section of the book while I’m inspecting the slab, this article will inform you about the type of foundation you have before I even write the information in the report”

Loaded with great information actual pictures and illustrations…!

And we’re also taking pre-orders for our Spanish Edition of “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection.” Particularly useful if you only speak English but have Spanish-speaking clients:

$2.70 each.

Nick… any thoughts on bringing back the “Environmental Concerns” book (or similar) from years ago? I and my clients thought it was great info.

My clients also appreciate that booklet.

I probably have 10,000 sitting in my warehouse. $1 a piece. I’ll pay shipping.

I was going to place an order of the Homeowner’s Handbook and Now That You’ve had a Home Inspection books. How do we get copies of the Environmental Concerns book included in the order?

I don’t even sell them (Environmental Concerns books) anymore. But let me count up how many I have. Give me a day to find them.

OK, thanks.

I’d be interested in those also. :slight_smile:

Keep us posted. I’ll take a case or two.

Do you mean these? Sold!

Yes, let me find them. I have a few pallets of them somewhere.

Interesting… the description states 125 per case. The drop-down window says 22 per case.

Nick, when you find them, let us know how many per case. I was assuming 40-ish per case.

How about a West Coast version?

So are you saying that the content of the book is irrelevant on the left coast? How? Why do you feel you deserve your own special version? Because the ground ‘shakes’ from time to time? Awww. Here’s a newsflash! The earth does not revolve around California! :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: Like Jeff, I will take a case if it is 40.

Found them. I have about 10,000 left. Let’s make this simple. They are $1 each. I’ll pay the shipping. Here is how to order Environmental Concerns books:

Send a dollar for the number you want to:

1750 30th Street - Suite 301
Boulder, CO 80301

How many in a case please? No need to break down a case if I want 31! :mrgreen:

$1/ ea.

Not bad