Another Lawsuit on the Horizon

The very few homes I have inspected with synthetic or cultured stone siding installed, have all been installled wrong :shock:.

The home today was no different. It was also very expensive to say the least. Over 1 mil when originally listed. Much of the home was covered in the stuff.

Most of the stone was terminating below grade, and applied poorly with lathe visible in areas.

The other inspectors I talk to say its pooly installed wrong also from what they see.
Is this going to be another EIFS deal with tons of lawsuits?? THis stuff is not going on small craker boxes, but on very nice homes.

Found some good videos from owens corning on how to properly install it, in case you want to make sure your on the ball.

Good videos and they have a 43 page PDF from this place in there.

will not be long Sean

Great link