Another Letter To Send To Brett Rayman.

This is in the bill. This pierces the corporate Vail. You cannot allow this bill to become law.
Read Below:

No corporation

17 or partnership shall be relieved of responsibility for the

18 conduct or acts of its agents, employees, or officers by

19 reason of its compliance with this section, nor shall any

20 individual practicing home inspection services be relieved of

21 responsibility for professional services performed by reason

22 of his or her employment or relationship with a corporation or

23 partnership.

I agree, there would not be an advantage in incorporating. I wonder what would govern: the law or your corporate agreement.

Why bother???

It’s already that way in established law. That portion of the licensing bill changes nothing.

If I am the inspector and the corporation, the client can sue the corporation and me personally as the inspector.

If I own a multi-inspector firm and another inspector does the inspection, the client can sue the my corporation and the other inspector personally, BUT NOT ME PERSONALLY.