Another major magazine recommends hiring NACHI members exclusively.

Very cool. That’s a very prestigious publication to be so prominently featured in.

They take a shot at scumbag NAHI on page 66.

did they unload the whole magazine on them:)

Now that I’m looing for it… I found the magazine in 3 retail outlets in Boulder, CO today.

Must be a west coast magazine. Nobody here has ever heard of it. But…


One of my relatives just bought it at Barnes & Noble outside of Philadelphia, PA, and Krogers is a N.E. grocery chain I believe.

It’s even here in Brinnon Washington, population “questionable” so it’s a very good magazine and widespread. :slight_smile:

I will look for it in Floida

Same here. Never heard of it.

Maybe it’s a TIMBER thing. Don’t have much timber in my area.

It is in the Barnes and Noble bookstores in Massachusettes.