Another marketing tool we're working on to get 1 year warranty inspections.

We’re working with a public real estate data collection company to get us the names and addresses of everyone who buys a new home. We hope to deliver that data to members here at The idea would be for members to look up the names and addresses of people in their markts who bought new homes 10 months earlier and auto send them a reminder to have it re-inspected before the builder warranty runs out. Guess I’m not goin’ to be too popular at the next NAHB meeting.:cool:

We should make a movie called
“the NACHI that ate planet earth”

That is a damn good idea!

Maybe eventually use it for annual inspections of re-sales too.

You have E-Mail.

We still have the (annual inspections on every home in N. America) project on a back burner.

Are you sure is the correct link?

Wow…Damn you’re good.

I’m doing this too! with postcards, with a $25 OFF marked on the back. gives me all the new homeowners in any zip code I choose,
and date ranges back 10 to 11 months in 2006.
I’ve just recently started to mail them out, and am really excited by the offer. (Here’s hoping my customers are too!)
I don’t have any data yet to support the project’s feasability, but will play it out in the next two weeks with about 250 for starters…will let you all know how its working for me.
I did the postcards on Vistaprint, color both sides, and they look great.

Yep, the way I was doing it was to sign up with all the real estate companies in my area and have them send me an email update when they get new listings.

Hi Nick…How will you list the information.
Will it be available for public viewing,or sent to individual inspectors


Please post your results as soon as you find out. I’m curious if this mailing is marketable.

John, the OverSeeIt project is ready to launch

Please proof it for me.


A couple of things.

I do business in Western WI and Eastern MN but I can only be located by selecting WI.

Can this be modified?

On the FAQ page the questions shaded box is incomplete for the first two questions. Here is a partial screen shot.


The link works just fine, but there’s no information on Inspectors by state.

Great Idea. I have always tried to write down address as I am driving past new construction, great data base.