Another mess

I suppose this would be alright up north of the border but not down here been a bad week for the sellers around my neck of the woods this week. Gas lines in the returns water in the basement, snakes in the storm cellar return air and the 10 foot rule ,return air in the kitchen, Chimney that terminated in the attic with flue pipes connected. Its been a crazy week and then I have KW trying to tell me how to write my reports. Geez I am taking the week end off;-):smiley:

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a return in the kitchen, but I see the hack-job closet setup all too often.

It’s setups like this that lead to a condition I refer to as a “sick home.” People in the home are constantly ill and have all types of “unexplained ailments,” and they have no idea they’ve been slowly poisoning themselves for years.

Exactly, and I see it to often also

10 ft rule?

The return needs to be completely isolated from the furnace closet. The door should only open to the base of the furnace, and the return should be enclosed or rerouted to a different location.

Returns in kitchens are not allowed


Not a chance Charley!
I would point out every issue you have stated including the gas line in the return air.:wink:
I would also tell them to get rid of the electronic air cleaner if it is working.