Another Nachi internet security warning

What’s this all about?

Client informed me today.

Clicked my link from FindAnInspector.US

and got this;

*You have clicked a link that will send you to:


                Because we cannot verify that you clicked that link on **NACHI.ORG**,                     we are showing you this cautionary message.  It's likely that everything                     is OK (you will get this message when using certain security software),                     but if you did not click on this link from NACHI.ORG, you might want to make                     sure the URL above looks safe before continuing.*

And it’s not because of any special security software.

Don’t worry about it, Chris. This can happen if a browser is not property sending a “Referrer” HTTP header. It happens very rarely.

OK…Thought I’d bring it to your attention. Thanks for checking it out.