Another Nail in the Board

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Not sure what your post title is inferring? However Friedlander (in the vid and article) is correct in his description. There was nothing in the article/vid stating they are using information about the surrounding homes or area to decide premiums or if they will cover the home. If that is what they are doing then yes I would say it is not proper but there is still no law against it, unfortunately.

Besides Friedlander’s points another aspect they reported on that I agree with is whenever your home is inspected by the insurance company/underwriter regardless if they cover or not you should be given a copy of the report at no cost!

As for using the drone for this purpose (a lot about not climbing the roof) that would not be a problem IMO. I’ve thrown insurance Inspector’s off my property before since they were total dunces! First I have a one story home with a relatively lower slope, no intricate valley’s or other potential blind spots (all hip roof planes), with all surfaces and penetrating items clearly visible from the ground. No real reason to even climb the roof for that purpose. Yet they tend to send out DA Dunce’s with hiking boots and no knowledge of properly walking a roof. When I see a lethargic acting DA Dunce shuffling his feet on the ground I know what they will be doing on my roof! Not happening here!