Another new inspection success video tip: Webforms and Contact pages for inspectors.

Great tip Nick. I agree with it, I stopped usig auto forms years ago. I belkieve I am very good at my sales and If Ican get a potential client on the phone, I can close the deal from there. A form is just a weak link in the cahin.



The fee calculator was way off for my area.

It calculated $550 for a small 1400 sq.ft. house only 10 miles away about 50 years old.

Probably I would only use the age and distance after 75 years and 30 miles (one way)

David. The fee calculator can’t be way off… it’s you. You have set the shaded area up first. It is impossible to be off… it’s you who decides what it does. You probably didn’t set up the shaded area first… and accidentally just used the defaults.