Another NEWBY Question

Is there any general rule of thumb as to where does one draw the line between angering the realtor by putting “too many” discrepancies on the report versus risking liability by omitting too many? I guess what I’m asking is, what is too picky?

How much risk do you want to assume or possibly be at risk of not reporting?

More to the point, an inspector must or at least should at a minimum meet the SOP. (Standards of Practice) That is the expected industry standard.

Consider as a suggestion - the point of collecting similar issues into one or a few statement(s) - such as punchlist of electrical deficiencies. Are they significant enough to “recommend” that the work required to correct, repair or replace is a major and significantly impacts the client. Does the significance require the work, skill or expertise of a “professional” tradesperson? Gather all of that into a simple description of those defects.

Sometimes it is easy to create a list of defects, but just a suggestion - sit back and get a grasp of the bigger picture. In other words it may be possible to consolidate 100 defects into a list of 10 major issues, with certain ones being related to that particular system. Hopefully the house is not that bad!

The day that a home inspector allows how a realtor might react to anything he puts into a report, he should immediately refund the fee to his client. Then he should list all of his tools and study materials on eBay for sale. Then he should start marketing his resume.

To do anything less is immoral and illegal.

Well put. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Lots of agents fewer HI ,cant anger all of them Only the dishonest ones . Do a good job do not worry about Agents, only your customer.

This is a trick question right?

You are working for the client. Not the used house saleperson. The description of being “to picky” us used by those same agents to intimidate you. I’ve yet to hear a homebuyer describe their home inspector as “to picky”.

This in an ongoing argument in the HI community. Some believe (as I do) that we should have absolutely no concern for the deal or the real estate agent. That soliciting them for referral business is inappropriate and creates an incurable conflict of interest.

So to put in a humorous way. The line for me is where the agent faints from apoplexy over my report. They turn such pretty colors.

Good Luck

^^^ Yup. You can market to them all you want, but your inspection is done for your client, not the agent, and the report is not influenced by anyone.

You work for the client.

The only thing that should influence your report is the house.

Set your clients expectations, do your inspection and report what you see.

Simple, really.