Another newsflash on inspections gone wrong

I thought others might be interested in the story and there is a video also.

On Komo’s website they list what qualifications they should look for in a home inspector. And for some reason they left out the best home inspector association in the nation…NACHI, …but then name two others that don’t even come close to ranking in my book.

Expect several more of these from ASHI and ITA while your bill is in committee. It’s part of the marketing plan.

That is what I was thinking…just trying to shore up support for licensing.
The funny thing is the last story which came out in the fall, also said to use a NAHI, or ASHI inspector, but with a little research you found that they had run the story three years earlier, and at that time the accused inspector was named, and happened to be a NAHI inspector.
So let me get this straight…their story goes like this…“Here is a NAHI inspector who allegedly missed all these things, and here is our link to NAHI so you can protect yourself from an inspector, like this.”

Like I’ve said before “Timing” is everything, it’s not nearly as effective to attempt to influence the whole legislature into passing a bill, as it is to to put public pressure on a “Committee” to endorse the Bill, and to, as in this case, show the “Need” for HI Regulation. So far the Public in Washington has not become involved.

Articles like these serve at least two purposes for those who get them published, first the bring the public into play, or at least the fear of public involvement to politicians, and second the articles serve to discredit NACHI itself by attempting to make it appear that only ASHI and NAHI Inspectors want to protect the public from unscrupulous and unqualified Home Inspectors while the Official NACHI opinion on protecting the public, as expressed by Mr. Bushart, is just the opposite “Buyer Beware” seems to be NACHI policy, if Bushart does speak Officially for NACHI.

There will likely be many more of these type of articles in the next several months attempting to influence the Sunrise Committee, and who knows what the “Big Guys”, the Realtor and Contractors Associations are doing in the background. One of these days someone may even get around to publishing a Guest Editorial or Letter to the Editor providing a link where disgruntled Home Inspector Clients could post their grievances and have them forwarded to the Committee.
Did you notice that the only HI mentioned in the article, Dave Pioli, is also a member of the Washington Home Inspectors Advisory Group, just like in the KIRO Article where the only Inspector mentioned, Paul Luczyk, was also a member of that group? Isn’t it nice to know that we have so many self appointed spokesmen like Bushart and the WHIAG representing our business interests.

No one should be celebrating the defeat of SB5788, it’s not defeated, if you are opposed keep up the pressure on the Sunrise Committee and the Politicians, if you want to see it passed then do the same and bring in Public Opinion and use other Associations involved in the Housing Industry.

Me I can live with it either way, I’d rather spend my spare time fishing than fighting or supporting a Bill that doesn’t really have much effect on me either way.