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So be gentle with me, lol I’ve read some pretty harsh talks between some of ya! Which of course I don’t mind and it didn’t stop me from being here. I am full time military with a possible transition in the near future. I have 11 yrs of on the job experience in remodels, renovations, and new builds. So yes I have a basic understanding of how stuff generally comes together. With that I have chose this career as possible career transition tool and would like some advice. In Alabama you have to pass 2 exams or hold other degrees or professions to be considered. My degree does not match what they seeking in that aspect, but I am looking to take the ASHI standards and ethics test along with the national home inspectors exam. What are the best study programs, site, prep work you used to be successful. I want to learn and know all. I recently had a home inspector (bout a year ago now) do our home inspection. I was unable to be present but my wife was, she mentioned he walked around the house pointed something’s around stuck a few things in outlets then left. Never entered the active checked vents, ect. Soon after buying the house we have had issue after issue, our home inspector had failed us. I will not go into the depths of what drug on and the outcome, but it did infuriate me that he could possible be doing the same to other ppl. Hence the thought I could do a better, much more professional and through job then him. I want to be the guy ppl thank for finding issues that could have been cash clenchers…so now I have spiled my heart and guts…to the vets of this business…knowing what you know now…what would you have done different, what schools are the best, what distance learning are the best. What all “clubs” professional organizations should I consider joking and how will it benefit me? To the fairly newbies, what programs have you used to set yourself up for success?

Thanks guy/gals…

Looking forward to the knukkle dragging!

That is useful.



and 1,200+ governmental approvals.

Many of the trade associations in our industry are scams. They charge you membership dues and you get nothing in return. Don’t get suckered. Check and compare their membership benefits page. Here is InterNACHI’s: When in doubt, keep your money.

Did your Realtor recommend this HI?

I am new, but have taken two training courses. One was
AHIT, they provide books and DVDs, and it is good, but I have to say it did bore me to tears, literally.

   I-NACH's online courses were much preferable.  For example, Paul Abernathy does advanced electrical, and Ben looked like he had a hard time not laughing.  The guy is superb, and funny.

   Speaking of Ben, his professionalism course could be used as a way to live one's life, an approach.  It goes well beyond a business course.   EXCEL lent.  I think some of the posters on this MB have not taken it yet ;-) :)
   I have 20+yr.s in various trades, but have/ am going through two courses, to make sure it's ingrained, due to concern for the Buyer receiving top value, and liability.  I went through your same situation, "I could do a better job than that".

    HIP is what I use for software.  Members seem to be divided between that and HomeGauge.  They appear to be the best two IMO.

HIP will be coming out with video in the report like HG, and is priced somewhat lower. Dom, and the people at HIP, will work with you.

    InterNACHI is an open ended classroom/forum/organization.  The way it is structured, it is more than what any one individual would ever need.  It is a distillation of thousands of members lifetime experiences.

    Best wishes in all your endeavors!

There is a lot more to learn than just taking HI educational courses. There is the business end of it: marketing, accounting, business laws, licenses, insurance, etc. Find a good accountant.

Connect with Billy Boerner
He is retired military and he has built a great business in St. Lewis.

He also helps folks get started.
Good luck

Hope this helps


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