Another Problem With Citizens

Any one else having a problem with the idiots at Citizens saying your pdf’s are password protected? They apparently have a problem uploading the files. Hmmmmmmmmmm why can they not just send the damn email?

I have been saving them so they cannot be edited or filled out more because I have had agents in the past say they could change things. They were not able to save the changes but could make them. I figured if you could make the changes then use the snippet tool you could make the report say anything you wanted. Bad for all of us if the clients change things at will.

I really have a problem changing the way I do things to cater to Citizens method of doing things.

Do you print your pdf’s when complete or just save as?

Save as PDF with the security options un checked that would allow editing or filling in or modifying.

I had a client call today because the underwriter declined his roof deck attachment credit because the photo did not have a ruler in it.

I explained to the client that according to the form I just had to prove that there is dimensional lumber with two nails. That is what the photo shows. I asked that he scan the letter they sent him and I would take care of it.

He called me back a few hours later and told me that it was all taken care of. He called the agent who called a head underwriter who stated that I was correct. The photo was evidence of the discount applied for.

Is that the copy you provide to the client?

yes by email.

Mike, all security settings can be by-passed. I always recommend you print to pdf.

Instead of “save as” use the Print to PDF file. This will remove all the enterable fields and you don’t have to password protect it.

Thanks to you all for the advice I will do it the way I used to which saves as a pdf. I think that is the same as printing to PDF? Does anyone know if it is the same? I use PDFfil.

Also, I always sent the report directly to the agent. if the client wants one also thats fine.
“Must go directly to agent…company policy”:wink:

The error may have been when an agent went to ADD the policy number to the PDF. If the PDF is protected they cannot do that.

Thanks chris. that to may have been it.