Another Proctored Exam in SoFla?

Does anyone know when and where other proctored exams will be? Any chance there will be any in Palm Beach, Broward, or Miami soon?


Here’s the way it works:

I spent June in South Florida and July is North Florida.
I am going to personnally e-mail all members in South Florida by area code.
An application will be attached to that that e-mail.

If you are interested: Fill in the application and e-mail it back to me
Exam sites will be set up in areas where their is the most interest or demand.

Once the Exam sites are set - you will recive a second e-mail with those site locations and dates - you must tell me which one you want.

We’re going to target the 3rd week of August to start the southern swing.
And we will be adding Mld Examinations in addition the Home Inspection exam