Another quality home

comes complete with homeowner additions.
Weener style chimney and widows walk master deck.

Why leave a solid home in good condition when you can add on for no permits. :roll:

Well Sean, I’m not sure what your problem is…obviously, they’ve got the scratch coat on the chimney (and flashing too, nicely done!) :mrgreen:

And, when they have 10-20 friends over…they can all go out on the deck, jump at the same time, and have a great ride down…high entertainment factor…:roll:

They forgot to paint the wood chimney cap.

No anti-tip on stove?

Somebody living in that house really sucked at playing with Lincoln Logs as a kid. :wink:

torn between laughing and crying…

Here was mine the other day … just kiddin’.

Noticed that one. What a brilliant idea. :shock:

All i can say is OS
A new term Sean and i using for a secret code lol