Another re-inspection gone bad

Got a another call, from another lady who was re-inspected by citizens. Apparently, the home, in west Sunrise, built in 1979, according to the inspector, is 100% wood frame!
And, due to the insulation being in the way, couldn’t get a picture of the roof to wall connection.
Where was that complaint department?
I will probably end up going out there next week to straighten this mess out.
Thanks channel 10! :wink:

Here is a jpeg of the comparison from the previous wm and the reinspection.
100% wood frame? What is all that gray stuff near the truss end?
Depending on what I find when I go out there next week, I will post the report with the clients name and address removed for all to see. I will also post my report as a comparison.
I’ll provide links on my blog.
The second picture shows the roof to wall connection. These are the actual pages. I know no insurance company would accept these pictures if they came from me. Even as bad as these pictures are, I can make out the top of a wrap with a nail in them on the bottom two pictures.
He also said on the pictures, that the garage door was rated. On the graph, it is marked X. I looked up the garage door and it is rated and I have the noa and the specs from approval zoom.

Wow… I’m at a loss of words!