Another Re-Inspection Rip Off

Performed a wind mitigation last week too dispute the Re-Inspection that had been done by one of the large re inspection companies in South Florida, their initials were D.M. This persons premium was increased by $2500 per year because the lazy inspector either did not have enough zoom or would not crawl far enough to get a good picture to confirm the condition and rated the clips as only 2 nails (toe nails) the attached photographs are 2 of the 10 different locations I included in my report.
The underwriter conceded and lowered this clients premium. I wonder if he has a case too seek a refund of the additional $208 he has been paying for the last 4 months.

Great pictures Mark. My only thing is if in fact the reinspector did not find a clip with only two nails then the picture he or she provided would be considered fraud.

Call the attorney in this story, I bet they would love to hear it.

I called them today and they said the attorney would get back to me. I called about the lack of financial records on the call backs they charge inspectors. There is a company charging $17 for every ‘recall’ of an inspection and yet they do not give you the specifics. They say soemthing like well you did 40 inspections and 12 of them were wrong so we are charging you $17 for each call back…no details, no records…I guess you jsut take their word at it and this is a contract by a goverment owned agency. You would think the record keeping would be a little more stingent. I will try to call them back tomorrow…

The picture quality of the re inspection report is of such poor quality that the connection could have been rated as no nails. I think they must have been taken from the top of the attic ladder which is about 25 feet from the connection

Wow. Do you know who of the big 3 DM is working for?


Great to hear…I would hope all inspectors would do what you have done (I’m sure most of the inspectors who regularly post here would).

This one was Universal

Just curious…did the Underwriter put up much of a fight?

They’re actually one of the better Underwriting Departments to deal with. It’s good to hear they sided with you over the reinspector.

Are those pictures of the same clip?

Looks like the same location!

Hey Russ. Do you guys want to chip in to have business cards printed and distributed with information on how our clients can file complaints and/or join a class action. I get about 5 of these a week and dont have the time or infrastructure to really follow through. Im willing to contribute

Dennis…great to see you here! Let me talk to the lawyer. Hell I will pay for them to get printed and send them the lawyers info…Great idea and I have no problem spending a few hundred dollars in exposing the RE-Inspection companies…great idea, I will keep you informed.

Is that what you meant?

you can see they are of the same by the nail heads

Yes, that is what I meant. A simple card directing the H/0 to an attorney and/or the media. its gotten out of hand

I like that idea! :mrgreen:

If you all get the cards printed and send them out send me a few and I will give them out as well.

I called the attorney who then turned me on to the attorney gathering the information. She said she was not available to talk at length but took my information and said she looked forward to what I had to say and she would call me Monday…so just an update.

She was very interested also in the accounting methods of the big three re-inspection companies and hopefully they will be audited and brought in front of the class action suite as well.

Its all coming together…little by little…

nice, keep me in the loop.

If this gets moving, many agents will jump in. They are dealing with this daily…It’s making their jobs a nightmare.