Another reason to get on the roof

You’re right to ask, I’m not so sure the video was watched by everyone posting. The main issue discussed in it wasn’t even the shingles not adhering to one another. Obviously that can be seen from the ground at times, but unless an inspector develops x-ray vision, they won’t be seeing fastener placement below shingle tabs.


Great video, but I am more interested in what your narrative for this was. Care to share?

Hold on guys… let me go lift a shingle…

Which one?

Third from the rake, fifth down from the ridge. :wink:


Tell me you were not up on that roof! :shock:

Hell no! Pic taken from window. I’m not Charlie! :wink:

Wow Gary, I can’t believe you just asked me that question.
Missing tabs has nothing to do with the fact the roof was only put on with 3 nails per shingle, instead of the minimum of 8 nails per shingle. But hey that roof only has 20 more years to go.
You should go watch the other roof video I just posted. Those shingles were nailed too high also.

HA! Great answer. :slight_smile:

This is what I wrote:
Several shingles on the roof were seperated to inspect proper nailing. The areas that were checked found shingles were both nailed too high (which prevents securing the shingle below) or missing nails according to standard shingle fastening patterns.
Improper nailing can void the installation warranty and may create issues in the event of a storm related claim. While the roof system was performing we cannot gaurentee future issues will not arrise due to improper nailing observed in areas.
A roofing professional should review findings on the roof system to determine what, if any repairs can be made.

I report what I see and let the roofer make the call. Tearing it off would be the only real way to fix it, and I let the buyer know that he may be just fine for another 20 years, but I am not going to give it my blessing.
At the end of the day its wrong.

And so was this one.


WTF is that marcel? It looks like a zipper! no 4 inch seperation there
What kind of shingles are in pic 1 on the left? are those called 1 tab shingles?

Yup, regular IKO single tab, and 3 different types on the roof.

The 2" 3 tab offset was a new one for me.

The owner said, I can’t believe it is not installed per Manufactures Instructions, my Brother in Law did it. LOL.

Did this one this Fall.

That’s a classic case of stupid. :slight_smile:

I had one in early 2013 where they provided the proper offset but instead of stair stepping the shingles they alternated them similar to what Marcel showed. Every 3 feet across the roof there was a crack through the shingles running from the top of the roof down to the bottom. :shock:

I am a former roofer, and have replaced hundreds of roofs. Got me through college in the 70’s.

It is not possible to check every shingle tab for proper fastening, so why write up the defect, especially if the roof is over 10 years old, and no missing tabs? An attorney will ask that question. Temperatures have to get up to at least 100 degrees to seal the tabs. Many northern areas never reach these temps, so they may always be loose. This also can be an SOP issue, as we do not (at least most of us) will not move or dismantle anything to inspect the item/area.

That is a good narrative, Sean, but care should be used here, when a roof replacement can run into the tens of thousands, and the home seller will scream at your findings. You will then cause the buyer to walk, the REA to loose their commissions, the mortgage company to loose their revenue, etc. etc.

[quote=“gfarnsworth, post:25, topic:83379”]

It is not possible to check every shingle tab for proper fastening, so why write up the defect, especially if the roof is over 10 years old, and no missing tabs?

I never do write it up as a defect. I pass it over to the roofer and let them make the decision. A further evalaution advised catagory.

Last time I checked Gary, none of the persons listed above hired me to do the inspection. In the past I found most of the time the roofs are usually put on fairly correct or really bad. If the roof blows off 3 months after the buyer moves in they may be pissed as well. It only takes 1 storm.

Know what ya mean Sean

Now that one I would write up as defective.

How would you know from the ground?..for the guys who use cameras and a telephoto lens? :wink:

Multiple shingles shifting. That’s classic nailing defect or failure. Just sayin

But you can’t get that sweet video from the ground. :slight_smile: