Another reason to have your newly constructed house inspected

Somebody forgot to install something.

That is one of those new roof scuppers made for slopped material.
Just needs screen.

Looks like a nicely installed hole to me.

kinda bumpy for a putting green…

That 3" vent popping out 13- 14 shingle courses almost directly below, tells me 2 things,
1, The vent cut is clearly is a Sawzall cut, it’s very neat and it’s oval .
2) That the plumber’s helper cut the hole, then said"ooops, wrong place" he then recut another hole, finished his vent work up thru the roof then said"Oh well, it’s the roofers problem now. I’ll be sure to let him know tomorrow if I see him" and then he promptly went home for the day.

What is the thingy to the left of the static vent?

Look like dish support.

Pretty sure it’s a roof anchor with a cover on it.

That was done on purpose to test the home inspector.

I would have to say so also. They are starting to put the anchor points on the roofs of new construction for future use.

Yes roof anchor.