Another reason to raise our fees. Can you guess what clogged up this sump pump? PIC.

Okay. That’s where I draw the line. I’m adding that as an ancillary.

Condom searches $289.

Must have been teenagers not wanting anyone to know what they were doing in the basement???

Some people amaze me. They really have no idea how things work in their house. That is why part of our job is to teach home owners/buyers how a home works.

Looks like no instruction is needed - this was a safety issue that was covered here


Funny!! :cool:

Some plumbing they understand, some they don’t. :margarit:

Let’s just hope the were not flushed down the toilet …

Was this a property along Lake Michigan in the Milwaukee area? They recently spent over $2 million just to prevent used condoms from entering the lake via the sewage district.

Removed by request…

Johnny has to hide somewhere.

Removed by request?


Is there a NACHI Post Policeman out there somewhere? :slight_smile:

None that I know of.