Another Scam?

I just received a call from a lady named Christine who said she represents “Stanford’s Who’s Who” and promised me the world to advertise my company. I remember seeing this on-line and they advertised that they provided listings for free. She originally quoted me a price which was around $900. As I kept stalling the price got cheaper and cheaper but definitely not free. I searched the NACHI forum and googled it and I’m quite suspicious about this. Has anyone advertised with these guys or heard of them?


Well Dale I can Tell you its is trully a scam . If you want your name published in a book of who’s who then go righ ahead but I have bee solitited from these people for over ten years and as of today have never seen a book on the coffee table or by a telephone . You best bet for adevertising is still the one on one aproach and we have ben practicing for 14 years and have not gone under yet .

Dale, I looked over the link you provided and my suspicions were confirmed. Towards the end of the call this Christine lady was beginning to pressure me into signing up RIGHT NOW! When people do that I start to dig in my heels and realize I need to do some more research. I don’t need a hassle like this. Thanks guys!

10-4 Dennis…SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, I haven’t seen you since Gerry’s funeral, I hope all is well with you and Zoe my Friend.