another shout out to Mike Bazzo

yes, needed another home inspected lol, Mike is a good man and does a great job, thanks Mike.

My pleasure. Thanks for the biz. FYI, I attempted to start your report and BOOM!!! computer crashes…@#$%^&^&&. Report tomorrow good sir.

Nice to see you have professional help Mark. Hope all is well.
Sorry to hear about your crash Mike, that sucks. :slight_smile:

“The Crash” always seems to happen at the worst times. Have a full schedule today and was hoping to have Mark taken care of last night. Oh well, the computer is back to normal and things are getting back on track. Hope all is well with you Marcel…

Be careful of all those “shout outs” and professional help, you may need hearing aides if you’re not careful.
Sorry about your computer but “Keep on Trucking”, my friend! :smiley:

you doing okay Mr Larry?

…no problem Mike.

I’d have to say fair, Mark. There is a lot of stuff going on with me and mine.

sorry to hear that Larry, anything we could help you with?

maybe this will warm you up a lil so to speak,a few may need a Kleenex, i am an animal lover Lovin Manchester - The Love Of A Dog | Facebook

Yep…Thanks, Mark! :smiley: