Another Southwest Missouri Home Destroyed by Faulty Wiring

where the builders and real estate sales associations fight building codes.
Interestingly enough, this family almost died in a home near Bolivar…the district where Mike Parson, the representative who pushes home inspection licensing for the Missouri Association of Realtors, is from.

From the article :

Sounds like a space heater is the problem. Very common in the winter months!

Very astute, Scott. I’ve noticed, too, how few space heater fires we have during the summer. I think you might be on to a trend. Good work.

Still…when a home goes up in flames as quickly as this…it is almost always due to hot, melting and combusting wiring on the inside of the walls and in the attic. Bad space heaters will show the major fire and intensity in the place where the heater is located…not the whole structure as quickly as this.

It was an older wood frame home, from the looks of what remains and of the neighbors homes I would say it was built in the 1950’s. Could have been caused by old wiring, but really who knows. Old homes like that burn pretty darn quick. Building codes or not they would not have done much for a home of that age if the electrical was outdated or if it was caused by a space heater.

Perhaps…or not.

A rented home, no doubt older. More than likely, no safety inspections required, or permits to rent the property. Smoke alarms? Obviously none installed or functioning. Probably listed on the tax rolls as a single dwelling and not a commercial property or income property.

I wonder how much of Scott’s ambivalence toward the lack of building codes in Missouri has to do with his active lobbying for his test to be made a part of the law that his friends with the Missouri Association of Realtors are wanting to pass.

They spend a lot of their money fighting business codes and contractor licensing.

Yep, wouldn’t want to bite the hand thats trying to feed you.:roll:

If I find it, I’ll sever it at the wrist…

It would be interesting to hear Mr. Parson’s doublespeak on this one.

Interesting trivia…according to FEMA (OK, OK, who believes them?) Missouri had a fire death rate in 2006 of 16.8/1M population. That’s 27% higher than the national average of 13.2 and places them 17th out of 50 states + DC. West Virginia was the worst at 38.7 deaths per 1M population.

Do what?

I do not know anyone with the Realtors association in MO.
I could care less if a home inspection law is passed in MO, I live in TN and hold a HI license in TN and MS.
I’m not a lobbyist for anyone or anything.
I think every single State should have a statewide building code. I worked with a group of folks to pass the one that goes into effect in TN in 2010.

Who is spending a lot of money fighting business codes and contractor licensing? What is a business code?

Sorry Jim, I’m for statewide building codes. I assume you are as well with all of your posting on them.