another term for a code requirement

The entire UBC or IRC can be called a “code”, and a single requirement can be called a code too. There’s a better term for individual codes… say, R312.2, but I can’t think of the term. Any suggestions?

I use “generally accepted building standard”.

I use the word standard instead of code.

code site

This is not for inspection, it’s for an expert witness case in which I need to make it clear that I mean an individual building code listed as one of a set of codes like IRC and UBC.


I’d still go with “standard” rather than “code”.

I will nearly always avoid using the word “code” in defect description. I’ll say things like amaterir installation/work. Unorthodox. Not standard building practice, or simply say “defect” not allowed.

Unless you are an AHJ … any testimony that you attempt to provide that interprets a “code” is outside the scope of your expertise. Not only that, but you can be immediately discredited by the introduction of an approved variance or exception to the rule that the opposing attorney discovers on file with the Public Works Department, as evidence.

No one but the authority having jurisdiction can provide a definitive call on the official interpretation of code. You will find this in the code book, itself (IBC 2006 Section 104.1).

It’s about the denial of passage of a 4-inch sphere through a guard. No interpretation necessary.

“accepted (or recognized) industry standard”…I use it all the time.

Codes are a minimum standard, or generally accepted building practices.

Anyway you any of you spit it out in your reports IMO your still telling the client the defect doesn’t meet code.

You will learn, Billy, when you spit out the word code, the other side will just go to a local code official for verification. The code official does not want to make waves with the big time builder or Realtor and will side on their side. Most government workers are spineless and just want to collect their pensions. Sad but true!

Outside of the authority having jurisdiction, Kenton, your opinion in a legal setting of what the code says is as valid as the guy who did the work when the rules of evidence are applied. If this were not true, you would not need to be seeking a different word for “code”.

Here is the illustration I use, Kenton

According to IRC Code
Section R312.2
Standard R312.2
Item R312.2
Article R312.2

Take your pick

I don’t understand what you’re saying Jim, but I am not seeking a different word for “code”. I’m trying to confirm the correct term for inspectors call “standards”. The code book is full of _____.
Seeking a different word for “code” would be inspection. This is not inspection. Has nothing to do with an inspection.

The IRC calls them “provisions”. (R101.1)

“Established/recognized guidelines”

Data, policy, rule, regulation, procedure, convention.