another term for a code requirement

R is for Rule

THAT’S the one I was looking for. Thanks Jim!

For IRC, I believe, the individual items would be referenced as “section” and “paragraph”. In the NEC it would be by “article”.

You’re welcome, Kenton.

Provisions is it. I couldn’t think of it fast enough.

Also known as;
Perscriptive_oriented Specification also known for some performance language, but states that the prescriptive requirements will achieve such performance. :slight_smile:

You don’t need to be a potato inspector to say that you got a potato. However, using code references in inspection reports can be detrimental because if you set the bar at finding code violations you will be expected to find all the code violations. Can get you in really hot water, really fast from a legal perspective.


Please provide an actual case reference where an inspector was successfully sued under this premise for having made a reference to a model code. I’m not talking about declaring something to be a “code violation”, which is the domain of the AHJ, but simply making an accurate reference to a model code in relation to a documented defect.

This claim gets repeated over and over and as far as I can tell it’s inspector folklore - a myth.

So please tell me someone who got themselves in “really hot water, really fast from a legal perspective” over this. I’m anxious to hear details.

Since I use Home Gauge for my reports I can draw the circle on the picture. I am with most that in my report I say “According to standards today” so and so. I even had some clients say “But that is not what my AHJ told me.”
So I will show them what they should have said. This makes for an interesting day,
seeing as the CODES are on my computer.
This says nothing about our standards of practice for InterNachi either which I can pull up also.

I believe this is Pope’s first political post. He will be in the Not For Everyone section of this message board within a couple months. Come to the dark side, Pope. :smiley:

Provisions was a good answer, but I think this was the best one. I’m gonna use this one.


I guess I’ve gotten too close to the edge as of late. Time to regain my composure… :cool:

Established, recognized guidelines is best. Jeff, don’t be full of yourself :mrgreen: