Another way InterNACHI members can make money. We're targeting home owners/sellers.

Take the consumer green home quiz now. 20 questions.

I got a B+.


Again, anything going down this road is potentially gr$$n. :smiley:


Your Report Card Your home’s green grade: B+

wish they had that test way back in school…I got a B…

I got a B also, so whats that mean?

I got a D… Did I win a prize?

I’ll tell you all what it means… It means I am collecting consumer data and going to then sell them on hiring you to do this…

Good for homeowners, good for homesellers, good for InterNACHI members, good for the planet.


I wish my parents were still alive so You could tell them I finally got a B in something …

I got an A-. Bummer. It must have been the pool cover, and that sucks since i do not even have a pool. :shock:

I’m not GREEN savvy at all…




:lol: Dave, I have a new project this spring. After last years water bill. I am going to hook up the rain gutters to a holding tank with a small pump for my wife to water her flowers with. I told her no more direct watering from the city water system this year. I have already installed a 560 gallon up right poly tank in the corner of my garage with a over flow. I just need to get it plumbed in to the gutters. :mrgreen:

Ya, I’m starting to see more of those gutter water collector buckets. As for me…I’ll continue using my hose.

“Go Green” Trademarked yesterday.


Does this qualify?

Thanks Nick: The quiz refers only to a furnace with seperate water heater. Is there a reason a boiler system was not included???

Is there extra credit?