Another way to land more inspection work. Give your client this checklist.

At the end of the home inspection, give your client this free Final Walk-Through Checklist to use on the day of closing. The instructions imply that your client should hire you again to accompany them on the final walk through. It is a WORD document so that you can edit it as you see fit.

Thank you Nick. I was looking for that. Great idea.

Very useful tool for the client and another great marketing tool for the inspectors.
Big thumbs up !!:slight_smile:


This is a great tool. I haven’t done a final walkthrough inspection yet. I am not sure what to charge for this service. I give my clients a short worded narrative in my home inspection report on the last page. I saved this file and will see on how to market this.

I think I’ll add this to the back of the report as an attachment.

I was thinking on just doing this, great thing with HG you can embed this into the backpage or add it as a PDF file.

was just putting one together how did you know?! Thank You! I have a tendency to make things more difficult than necessary, The way you have all the tools we need gathered and accessible is more than appreciated. Now it is just putting it all together to
Thank You once again.

Thanks this is perfect that’s why nacho is number 1

To give you an idea of what can be done with it, here is my example I’ve added this to my reports.

Nice Frank.

I’ve not been around in a while but, as always, Nick & NACHI are always in support of our inspectors!
Aside from it’s intended use, this is also a wonderful CYA tool. Someday (if you’ve not already), you’ll get that, “Hey, you missed xxxxx in your inspection report!” after they’ve moved in. Asking them if they did their walk-thru immediately prior to closing invariably gets a “NO” reply.
“Gosh, that’s really important to do. That’s why we mentioned it several times in your report. That would have documented your concern as having developed` after the inspection and before you took possession. I’m not sure we have any way to help you at this point . . .”

BTW, Jeanne’s really taken the lead on inspections lately; I’ve been doing more and . . .but I’m still in the game; Hi, everyone!

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Nice Russell. Here is something I wrote about on that subject:

That may be the single most comprehensive article / list I’ve seen, Nick-

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Good document

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The final home walk thru sheet is a plus! Thank you

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Hey Russ How do i get the free walk though check list ?

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