Another weekly $100 Most Helpful Message Board Poster Contest.

Post the name of the member who you think makes the most helpful posts.

Don’t vote for yourself of course. Suggest as many (different) members as you like.

There is no sense in voting for past winners as they are ineligible. Past winner: Jeff Pope.

We’ll send the winner a check for $100.

If someone has helped you on the message board, post his/her name.

This contest is going to run at least once a week for a while.

Roy Cooke.

Dale Duffy, Paul Abernathy, Ray Wand.

Marcel Cyr.

Roy Cooke

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There you go S****ing all over something positive again!

Shut the F*CK UP or GO HOME!!!

Roy Cook

I second that

Jeffrey R. Jonas

Roy Cooke

Marcel Cyr

ROY :slight_smile:

**Originally Posted by nthornberry ** View Post
Michael Larson.
Linas Dapkus.
Jim Bushart.
Joe Farsetta.

All for the same post. Lol

I agree he’s a disgusting whore who’s out of place.

Not to be a stick in the mud, but don’t we need to wait for the week to pass to vote on this “weekly” contest?

I mean the current names offered are great, but if some NACHI inspector cures cancer this Wednesday, he’s getting my vote. Just sayin. :slight_smile:

Well… I agree… but… Nick makes the rules, and he hasn’t posted any, so anything goes.

I agree. Apparently most votes have been based on most helpful member in general over the past several months, years. Not based on present, or even recent weeks.

Roy Cooke
Russel Hensel

Marcel Cyr

Marcel Cyr

Jeffrey Jonas
Joseph Burkeson

Both for their sense of humor. Hey, things get heavy around here sometimes :slight_smile: