Another weekly $100 Most Helpful Message Board Poster Contest.

Seems like this is more a favorite contest then actual posts being made.

I mean what is the post the winner is being award for?

I may as well vote for Nathan. (no offense bro, you know I love you)

Actually my vote is for Cameron for the post he made on this thread!!

Everyone knows how great the Pope is!! (previous winner)

Cmon man!!

Marcel Cyr

Marcel Cyr

John Bubber

Okay Macy…Marcel is one of my favorites.


Marcel Cyr

Nick, if Marcel ends up winning, I would like to add an extra $100 because he is such a great guy, who consistently gives good, useful advice and does it with a super positive attitude.
Thank you Marcel for all the help you have given over the years!

Marcel Cyr wins! A check for $100 is coming to you Marcel. Congratulations.

Roy came in second BTW.