Another Widow-maker!

Pulled these attic stairs down and noticed the head rail moved as they were opening. Entry to the attic was done by my ladder. There were no side rail fasteners!

Work safe and please be observant!

Nice catch Barry.

Sometimes I have found a paint bucket substitutes nicely for a ladder.:wink:

Yeah, I was thinking, “How do I do this and be COOL like Astrodude?”

I just couldn’t afford to step out their like you did and get that aftermath shot.

You da man! :cool:

That reminds me of the one that was held in place by the trim on the ceiling.
Sometimes you just got to shake your head and laugh. :smiley: Did I mention the Mercedes in the garage. It pays to pay attention.

Nice catch there Barry, and it sure would s#ck to only find out it won’t carry your weight.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

When I find one that I’m doubtful about, I set up my LG knockoff sideways to the built in and use mine to access the attic.

Thanks for the info. We cannot be to safe on the job. No amount of money is worth a life.
This brings up a question, is there a place on the site here that has things like this to keep us re mindful of the hazards of the inspection business? If not it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea, especially for new inspectors.