Anpther thing to worry about.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. For you guys in the Dakotas; and maybe elsewhere.

I hate this keyboard. The o sticks, and my finger slids to the p. I use it too much.

The bad news probably isn’t over!! The next thing will be a TV blitz "If you drove on RR2 any time over the past 100 years, call our law office, you may be due damages, our doctors arte standing by to interview for your case. Call our 800 number on the screen NOW.

We used, back in the mid west, cinders from our coal burning furnace, there must have been some “dust” as we drove over the county road that was harmful to my health. Maybe I could sue the coal companies!!!

How has mankind ever survived with all these so called “dangers” we were unaware of?

Another junk “chicken little” science!!!